Churches uniting for children in the pilgrimage of justice and peace

This map has been developed with support from UNICEF to facilitate networking and collaboration among churches and partners in the implementation of the Churches' Commitments to Children.

Responses received so far through the online survey show a very high degree of readiness and enthusiasm for collaborative action by members of the WCC’s constituency.

Churches and partner organisations are invited to identify possible partners on the map and reach out to the respective contact person by using the indicated email address.

After reviewing this map and contacting potential partners your church/organisation may decide to go ahead and collaborate with another church or an organisation found through this platform. In this case please send a short note to, mentioning the name and country of your new partner(s). This will allow us to update information on the map and highlight churches which do not yet have partner(s) and should be priotitised.

Does your church/organisation not yet appear on this map and would like to join collaborative efforts to improve children's lives? In this case please inform us in the online survey for which areas of the "Churches' Commitments to Children" you could share expertise or need support:

Thanks a lot to all the churches and partner organisations which are joining hands in their efforts for children!