Association des Eglises Baptistes au Rwanda

  • Rev. Dr (hc) Munyamasoko Gato Corneill
  • General Secretary
  • Church partners
  • Joint efforts under way: No partner yet
Commitment 1: Promote Child Protection

Request Support for:

  • Ensuring a child-safe church environment
  • Contributing to ending violence against children and adolescents in society at large
  • Supporting child protection in emergencies
Commitment 3: Raise Church Voices For Intergenerational Climate Justice

Request Support for:

  • Promote eco-responsibility within the church
  • Promote eco-responsibility in society at large

Additional information: 

Commitment 1:  Child Protection

There are many teenages who get pregnant at ealy age. This problem should be addresed in emergencies

Commitment 3: Intergenerational Climate Justice

We face challenges related to climate change. The church we might contribute to the protection of the environment.