Church of South India Eco-Ministry

Commitment 3: Raise Church Voices For Intergenerational Climate Justice

Offer Support for:

  • Promote eco-responsibility within the church
  • Promote eco-responsibility in society at large

Additional information: 

Teaching and practicing sustainable development, promoting conscience on ecological footprints among all and behaviour change through transformation of systems. Target audience: Teachers, Children, Adolescents, Clergy

Promoting sustainable agriculture, ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all, developing schools and communities with the values for sustainability, harvesting rain water, LED light system, solar energy, biogas, use of sustainable material, raising awareness on climate change mitigation-adaptation and impact reduction, encouraging people to plant saplings during important functions. Creating models in different ways and establishing a model camp centre at Othera with all these features to inspire people. Green Clergy and Green Teachers are training the future generation.