Methodist Church Of Southern Africa Mozambique District

Commitment 1: Promote Child Protection

Request Support for:

  • Ensuring a child-safe church environment
  • Contributing to ending violence against children and adolescents in society at large
  • Supporting child protection in emergencies
Commitment 2: Promote Child Participation

Request Support for:

  • In church activities and worship
  • In society at large
Commitment 3: Raise Church Voices For Intergenerational Climate Justice

Request Support for:

  • Promote eco-responsibility within the church
  • Promote eco-responsibility in society at large

Additional information: 

Mozambique is a developing country with great potential and many contrasts. Its population is strikingly young, with 10 million children accounting for half of the total population of 20 million. Around 70 per cent of Mozambicans live in rural areas, where the majority makes a living from subsistence farming. Recurrent drought in the country’s interior, however, has led people to migrate to urban and coastal areas with adverse environmental consequences, such as desertification and pollution of surface water.

The church is planted within all over the country and has a strong potential to advocate for children's well-being through a variety of projects at local, national and global levels. We need to develop an interactive approach for outreach and support to our communities.But with no resources it is only playing a role of spiritual healing inside the church. We respond to the need of holy healing for our children and families.The Church is 90% inside the 4 walls focusing at spiritual healing. There is a need of overall approach.

Child poverty is a pervasive and deep rooted problem, with about 58 per cent of children living below the poverty line in our country.