Presbyterian Church in Canada

Commitment 1: Promote Child Protection

Offer Support for:

  • Ensuring a child-safe church environment
  • Supporting child protection in emergencies

Request Support for:

  • Supporting child protection in emergencies
  • Advocating for birth registration
Commitment 2: Promote Child Participation

Offer Support for:

  • In church activities and worship
  • In society at large
Commitment 3: Raise Church Voices For Intergenerational Climate Justice

Offer Support for:

  • Promote eco-responsibility within the church
  • Promote eco-responsibility in society at large

Additional information: 

The Presbyterian Church in Canada has developed a "Leading with Care policy" to help ministries ensure they provide a safe space for all.

We hold a biennial conference for youth that encourages leadership and spiritual growth. We offer several mission trip opportunities each year.

We have held eco-theology conferences that provide opportunities to reflect on our call to proper stewardship of the earth. These conferences also equip congregations with practical tools that can be used in the congregational setting. While we have resources to support this work, additional resources would be helpful.