Presbyterian Church in Rwanda

Commitment 1: Promote Child Protection

Offer Support for:

  • Ensuring a child-safe church environment

Request Support for:

  • Contributing to ending violence against children and adolescents in society at large
  • Supporting child protection in emergencies
  • Advocating for birth registration
Commitment 2: Promote Child Participation

Offer Support for:

  • In church activities and worship

Request Support for:

  • In society at large
Commitment 3: Raise Church Voices For Intergenerational Climate Justice

Request Support for:

  • Promote eco-responsibility within the church
  • Promote eco-responsibility in society at large

Additional information: 

Commitment 1:

The church needs to wake up for this issue of promoting child protection, since it is an issue within our context, our church, our schools and our country as well. We are committed to bring our contribution and experiences to share others, and more even to learn from other to end violence to our children. The Presbyterian Church in Rwanda has to bring its contribution for promoting child protection as a member of WCC.

Commitment 3:

The church still have more to do with the climate change, environment and the whole creation. Intererest in doing seminaries, conferences to protect the creation and environment.