Primate's World Relief and Development Fund of the Anglican Church in Canada

Commitment 1: Promote Child Protection

Offer Support for:

  • Advocating for birth registration

Request Support for:

  • Contributing to ending violence against children and adolescents in society at large
  • Supporting child protection in emergencies
Commitment 2: Promote Child Participation

Offer Support for:

  • In society at large

Additional information: 

Commitment 1: Child Protection

We partner with agencies on the ground who have varying levels of capacity and engagement on these important issues.

Commitment 2: Child Participation

PWRDF has a youth council, some of whose members are adolescents. We are not directly engaged with in-church activities but are supportive.

Commitment 3: Intergenerational Climate Justice

PWRDF is increasingly concerned on matters of climate change and impact on the most vulnerable. Children are also actors and their agency is critical in the response to climate change and the work together towards climate justice