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Commitment 1: Promote Child Protection

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  • Ensuring a child-safe church environment
Commitment 2: Promote Child Participation

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  • In society at large

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Our work draws on the framework of Communication Rights. We believe that everyone has the right to communicate and to be communicated to, in the same way that they have the right to food, shelter, and security. From WACC’s perspective, there is a strong connection between communication rights and children’s rights, though this connection is rarely acknowledged.

In essence, children’s rights cannot be fully attained without taking into account the communication dimension of such rights.The following are a few examples of the link between communication and children’s rights:

1. Accessing information

2. Ensuring the right of children to have a voice, be listened to, and be taken seriously

3. Promoting broad awareness of children’s rights

4. Protecting the cultural and language rights of children

5. Upholding the right of children to express their own spirituality

6. Building the communication skills of children

7. Monitoring media

In WACC’s experience, there two main ways in which we can all start promoting the communication rights of children as a way to ensure that their broader rights are respected:

A. Supporting children-led media initiatives focused on children’s rights

B. Conducting media monitoring on the depiction of children in mainstream media

For WACC, eco-friendly policies and climate justice are a priority in relation to poverty reduction and other social justice issues.